Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

First: Why Facebook Ads?

Did you know that there are about 2 billion active people on Facebook every month, which means the opportunity to reach your existing customers, new customers, and people interested in your business or organization

This is one of the reasons why Facebook advertising is a smart choice for businesses

Whether you have a business making its way through social media for the first time or you have a business looking for a new way to drive growth

Facebook also offers a variety of advertising goals, making it easy to choose options that match your needs and business goals

You must define the advertising goals that will help you achieve your desired goals

Whether your goal is to encourage engagement with a post, increase page likes, direct people to your website, or find new leads for your business, we have an advertising goal to help you.

Second: Types of Facebook ads

1- Like the page

It helps you to increase the number of fans of your page directly, and the goal is to find fans who are interested in the content of the page

2- Interact with a post

Your posts help reach the largest number of fans of your page and others as well and increase interaction with posts

3- Transfer to the site

Through it, you can create advertising campaigns to bring visitors to your site, and this increases your site’s popularity and ranking in search

4- Install the app

Help you increase the number of times your application downloads whether it is on Android or IOS, those who click on the advertisement are transferred to the App Store to download and install the application

5- Promote products

If you are a store owner and you are constantly offering offers, then this ad is what you are looking for to promote your products

6- video views

Through this type of ads, you can get a lot of views for your videos

Third: Targeting Facebook Ads

Target people by location, age, gender, interests, demographics, behaviors, and contacts

More advanced targeting tools such as lookalike audiences can also be used

Allowing you to target people who are similar to people who already interact with your business

Finally, if you can’t handle Facebook ads optimally or you don’t have enough time, I will do it for you

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